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How Writing a Book Changed My Life, And why writing one can change yours too

Writing a book can teach us a lot. It teaches us about patience, hard work, and about how seeing a finished product, something we created, can be a powerful thing. I recently wrote a book and the finished product continues to change my life. 


Books are validation. 

Books are education.

Books are art. 

Books are business.

I wrote a book called Shut Up & Sell: A Confessional and it has opened up a few key opportunities for me professionally. I have been in sales for quite some time, and I thought I would use my passion for writing and reading to publish a book to tell others about my career journey. I also wanted to equip them with a few tips to help them sell better.

I applied for a job not too long ago, and at the very top of my resume I put “Published Author” and the name of my book next to it. After submitting my application I received a call from the recruiter asking to to set up a phone interview. 

This was a job I wasn’t qualified for on paper, but I’m convinced my published book validated who I was and what I had to say. 

Not long after, I brought a few copies of my book into work with me. I ended up handing one to one of my managers and one to a very senior employee who had expressed interest in reading my book. He ended up reading the whole thing in one night. 

That night he emailed me letting me know he enjoyed my words and that he wanted to talk to me about an opportunity the next day. On that phone call he expressed his interest in me being his right hand man on a new initiative in the company. 

An opportunity I most likely wouldn’t have been invited into if I hadn’t published a book. 

Writing can be a beautiful expression of art. It can also be a practical tool to help you advance in life. 

I think it’s important we remember both of those things. 

If you’re interested in publishing your very own eBook on Amazon it is easier than you think. Click here to read an article I wrote telling you how to do so: The Complete Guide to Self Publishing Your eBook on Amazon.

Until next time,

Jarod Dickson
Author of “Shut Up & Sell: A Confessional

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