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How Living Simply Will Allow You To Operate Freely

It is so easy to fill up your cup in life. In this example the cup is your capacity to move freely. With a full cup you have to be very steady, because if you move too freely what’s inside will spill out. If you keep your cup at a reasonable level you are able to move and pivot without worrying about things getting messy. 

Life is like a cup. We only have a certain amount of “stuff” we can hold. We don’t want to be empty, because who likes an empty cup, but we also don’t want to be full because who likes spilt coffee?

There is a ton of value to not having a full cup, particularly in your career. If you work at a job (particularly in sales or if you own your own business) and your cup is full you will feel the stress of that everyday. If you are balancing a cup about to spill over you will start to press in your professional life. You’ll become tense and will start to fear losses. 

Example: You are stretched super thin financially in your personal life. You have just as much coming out every month as you do coming in. You have a big proposal at work — a proposal so big it would help you finally “get ahead”. How do you think you are going to approach that proposal? Are you going to go in swinging freely and being confident, or are you going to be desperate to win the account? Probably the latter, which ironically enough will only inhibit your ability to win the account. 


Here are 3 Tips on how to simply your life:

  1. Don’t spend too much every month — save!

This is very self explanatory. Don’t stretch yourself thin financially. It will effect every aspect of your life. Be particularly aware of how much you spend on food/eating out and on vehicles. Car payments suck, and so does spending your entire check on booze at the bar with your friends. 

2. Make space for yourself

It doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but as I have observed many people over the years I’ve realized that many people never stop. From the second they wake up they’re go go go until their head hits the pillow at night. Being on the go constantly takes a ton of brain power and will fill up your cup very quickly.

3. Keep your home organized

This is a huge one for me. If the spaces in my life are messy then so is my mind. It doesn’t take much, and you don’t have to be a neat freak, but tidying up the spaces in your life will prove fruitful.

So the moral of the story …

Don’t have a cup that’s too full. You will enjoy the ability to move freely and breathe. 

Until next time,

Jarod Dickson
Author of “Shut Up & Sell: A Confessional