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Are You Financially Stable Enough To Be Successful In Your Career?

I’ve seen a trend in my own career, and I’m sure that others have felt the same — When my personal finances are a disaster it hinders me from excelling in my career. I think this is true in many fields, but when you work in sales it’s most certainly amplified.

Is there too much month at the end of your paycheck? Is your car payment eating you alive? Do you look at the amount left after a payday when all the bills come out and wonder where that check you just got went? This is all too common and it’s making the success in your role harder to achieve than it already is.

I live in Kansas City and baseball is a big deal around here. Sometimes when I turn on the radio to listen to a game the commentators will talk about how a batter is struggling and how because of that he’s pressing at the plate.

Pressing at the Plate — When a better tries too hard to hit the ball which in turn makes him worse at what he is trying to accomplish.

Pressing batters suck, but the reason why they’re pressing is clear and comes with good intentions. They know they’re struggling and they want so badly to be successful that they hyper-focus, which throws them off their game.

The same can happen in sales.

When a salesperson is having a tough quarter or a tough month they have the tendency to press. They have the tendency to try too hard, to be too persuasive, or to sell the client with much more effort than they should. Often their intentions are good, but their pressing doesn’t make them better. It actually makes them worse.

When you go into work and you’ve strung together a few months of subpar numbers you know the pressure is on. You might be thinking, “One more month of this and my manager is going to be looking at me wondering what’s up. No company keeps a struggling salesperson onboard for too long.”

Along with the pressure of having your manager breathing down your back, you know that you have a mortgage, car, and grocery bills waiting for you, and no sales =not very much money.

What do you think the individual in this situation has a tendency to do?


At Yellow Lion I want our content not only equip you to be successful in the office, but I want it to help you in your personal lives so that you can go into the office and not feel like you have to press. When you can sell freely you can sell better.

If you are having issues with your finances and you feel like there is more month at the end of your paycheck I would recommend a few things:

  1. Pick up a copy of Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey. Read it and implement it. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

  2. Live minimally and below your means. At first it will suck, but when you become a lean mean fighting machine you will feel like a huge weight is off your shoulders.

  3. Trust in the sales skills that have gotten you where you are now. You have the job you do for a reason. Don’t press. Relax and trust the process.

Yellow Lion has some offerings in the pipeline to help you get your “back-office” in order. Finances are so important, and we want to be a sales training organization that doesn’t neglect the topic. Stay tuned.

Keep selling my friends,

Jarod Dickson

Jarod Dickson