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Sales Tip | Get Back To The Basics

There is a point in most Sales Pro’s careers where they get too big for their britches. By this I mean they know too much. They know far too much about the product or service they sell. They overload the prospect with information about the intricacies of what they are selling and get away from keeping it simple and selling on what problem their product/service solves.

Take a look at the Dummy Curve below. We start off selling a bunch because we don’t know too much. We then start learning more than we really need and our sales decline because we word vomit all over the place, and we eventually start intentionally selling like we did at the beginning by keeping it simple.



I think of the scene in “That 70s Show” where Red is selling appliances for Bob and he gets angry at a prospect because she wanted a blender that didn’t have sufficient horsepower (or something like that).

Selling at its core is solving a problem, and it’s really that simple. I have struggled with going into too much detail on proposals and simply talking to much about what I have to offer instead of simply talking about how I can solve my prospect’s problem then simply shutting up. It seldom went well when I didn’t stick to the rule of keeping it simple.

If you want to start closing more deals and getting more people interested, say the minimum amount of words to communicate your message than shut up. Chances are, selling your prospect could be far easier than you are making it.

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Jarod Dickson
Author of “Shut Up & Sell: A Confessional


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