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Goal Setting With Your Career

Where do you want to be in two years & Reverse engineering

“Goal setting” gets a lot of press in the entrepreneur and self help circles, but I don’t think it gets enough attention with people working for companies. Goal setting is a vital part of growing, but simply setting a goal of getting a promotion or earning a certain amount isn’t usually enough to help you be successful.

So what needs to be done?

Setting goals is step one. Do me a favor, close your eyes and picture where you want to be in 2 years. Are you a manager? Is your bank account a bit larger? Is your debt paid off? Where do you want to be?

Ok. Do you have that picture of yourself in your head?

It feels good doesn’t it — To be where you want to be? I would recommend writing what that picture of yourself looks like down. You want to remember it. No comes step 2.

You have to reverse engineer that vision of yourself and translate it to what you need to be doing right now.

If you want to be a manager, there are certain steps you need to take to become one. Maybe it’s hitting a certain sales target for several months in a row. Maybe it’s mentoring some of the people around you. Maybe it’s volunteering to coordinate a sales training for your team. Whatever the key points may be, write those down as well on a timeline of when you need to accomplish those.

Side note: If you don’t know what steps need to be taken go ask someone. Chances are they will appreciate the initiative and will gladly fork over the info.

When you have step 1 and step 2 in place the only thing left to do is take action. Now you have a plan and the steps needed to achieve that picture you created of yourself in your head.

Now go get after it!

Jarod Dickson
Author of “Shut Up & Sell: A Confessional