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Find your intro and use it every time

Your introduction is the foundation to how you sell and your sales strategy. In my experience, the top sales reps have a killer intro and they use it over and over and over and over and over …

Did I drill it home?

Lets clarify what an intro is.

Your introduction is what you say on your first contact with a decision maker. It’s what you have rehearsed and fine tuned in order to gain their respect and attention in just a few seconds. Here is an example:

Hello Mr./Mrs. Customer, My name is Jarod and I am with XYZ company. I work with companies similar to yours when it comes to (the solution your product or service offers). Typically what I see is that companies either operate (give a couple examples of how a company might function pertaining to what you are selling). What do you find yourself doing more of?

There are a few key things to be observed about that intro:

  1. It is short and concise

  2. It shows you have industry knowledge becasue you said you work with companies similar to the Point of Contact’s and you gave an example of how some companies function in that industry.

  3. It ends with a question which gives the person your speaking with the opportunity to immediately engage with you.

Different intros work for different people, and different intros apply to different industries better than others. I would encourage you to incorporate the above 3 key points into your intro and build something that works for you. Remember, this is how you are going to get into conversations with your prospects. It needs to be sharp, and you need to be great at delivering it.

The last point I want to make it that you need to say your intro consistently to everybody you talk to. It should roll off of your tongue and be committed to memory. Once you develop something that works you will be well on your way to getting into some great conversations.

Keep selling my friends,

Jarod Dickson
Author of “Shut Up & Sell: A Confessional