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3 Tips on How to Build a Sales Team That’s Motivated to Sell For Your Company

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Motivating a sales team to sell for your company isn’t easy. A team is built of individuals, and because of that you have different types of people who are motivated in different ways. Maybe little Johnny wants to do something to help others, maybe Emma wants to be #1 on the leader board, maybe Scott wants to make six figures this year and buy a new car.

Whatever it is, it’s the job of the company and the leadership to touch on those things so the team is motivated to pursue the goals of the company. Here are 3 easy ways to motivate a sales team:

  1. Be Honest: Salespeople can smell BS a mile away. When you’re in your morning huddle or weekly meeting don’t spit out bogus facts and try to hype the team up about a crappy product or stupid initiative. Be honest. As a leader you know when a product works and when it doesn’t. You know when a project is stupid. Be honest with your team. If you have a product that isn’t working, let them team know and own it that you are going to make it better. If you were told to complete a project that seems utterly pointless let your team know that they may not seem the point in it but it needs to be done. Rally them around honesty and trust. They will be more apt to work hard for those things.

  2. Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations: As a leader you can set the quota to be whatever you would like. Just because you set it to be something doesn’t mean it’s attainable. If you set goals that are within reach you will have some of your team members start to achieve them. Once they get a taste of victory and how it feels to win they will start to push harder and so will the team.

  3. Get To Know Your Team: To have the full support of a team you have to know them. You have to know how they tick, and you have to treat them as humans. When they feel they’ve earned your respect and you let them into your world they will want to have your back. When that relationship is built the sky is the limit. They will start to push themselves to hit a goal not because they’re trying to please their boss but because they’re backing up someone they know and care for.

No go win.

Keep selling my friends,

Jarod Dickson
Author of “Shut Up & Sell: A Confessional


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